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Instructions: There is much variability within each accessibility category, and therefore, the type of accommodations needed can vary significantly. Below, you will find descriptions of the various types of disabilities recognized in the United States. Student needs vary according to each individual. Therefore, it is important for the participating student to clarify the particular accommodations she or he requests
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If you have tried any medical or educational interventions to manage the diagnosed condition, please explain them and describe their impact. If there are situations when the diagnosed condition has no impact on your learning, describe that here as well.
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students whose parents (biological or adoptive) did not earn a degree from a four-year university. If your parent(s) attended college but did not graduate with a bachelor’s degree, you are still considered a first-generation college student.

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Please upload any supporting documentation related to each disability to which you are requesting reasonable accommodations. To Review Our Documentation Guidelines click here

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